The Clujul Medical journal is published quarterly and the papers accepted for publication include original paper on clinical or fundamental research, clinical case reports, reviews, tutorials, letters to editors, educational papers, book reviews, announcements of professional events, as well as other papers upon decision of the editorial board.
The articles are published after being analyzed by referees with expertise in specific fields, without revealing the authors’ names and position. The authors of the articles that have been rejected or need revision will be announced in written.
Submitting a scientific paper for publishing is subject to the fulfilment of the following statements:
- the paper is original and has not been published in other journals or books;
- the paper does not infringe upon any copyright or other proprietary right;
- the manuscript has been reviewed and approved by all named authors.
With respect to publication, Clujul Medical journal require to submit a declaration signed by all authors about the mentioned statements. Please send us the declaration of conflict of interests for your manuscripts accepted for publication.
If your paper contains studies on human subjects, you must insert in the ”Material and Methods” section a phrase with the mention of the accord of the medical ethical comission of the institute in which the study was realised.
Statements of Ethics required, by case, can be find on journal’s site:
• Copyright assignment form
• Statement of Human and Animal Rights
• Declaration of the Conflict of Interest
• Uniform Requirements
STARTING WITH THE issue 1-2013 ONLY THE MANUSCRIPTS IN ENGLISH WILL BE ACCEPTED and there will be not necessary the abstract and title in Romanian.

Preparing the manuscripts

The manuscripts should be sent in electronic format (CD or e-mail). The paper should be written in a concise style, and should contain the strictly necessary number of pages, figures, tables.
For submitting a manuscript in electronic format the following requirements need to comply with:
- the text should be write as Word document (not as PDF format), in 12p Times New Roman fonts, 1.5 line spacing. Pages should be numbered beginning with the title page. The manuscripts include a maximum of eight text pages for original articles, four pages for clinical case reports, two text pages for letters to the editors and one text page for notes. The editorial board should be contacted before preparing and submitting the papers in case of literature reviews, educational articles and announcements for professional events. Use only standard abbreviations; the full term for which an abbreviation stands should precede its first use in the text. In the title and the abstract the abbreviations should be avoid;
- the tables should be sending in distinct sections, numbered with roman numbers according to the order which they are mentioned in text;
- the illustrations (images) should be TIFF or BMP files, numbered with Arabic numbers, in order of text insertions;
- the legend for tables and images is a distinct file. Authors should not insert images, diagrams or tables within the text. They have to indicate the desired location for insertion by means of a paragraph, such as: (location for figure no…) or (location for table no…).
High quality images exclusively will be accepted for publication. Color images can be published under excellent quality conditions, given that authors can bear the entire additional costs thus incurred. The names of the patients should be concealed on all illustrations; patients in all photos should have a black band over their eyes in order to prevent their identification.
In case where reproduction of previously published images is intended, it is necessary to attach the written consent of the author and of the publishing house where it was priorly published, including the source.
All prospective or experimental papers involving human subjects should include the agreement granted by the ethics commission of the institution where the research was conducted.

Structure of the manuscript

Title page (on a distinct page) include: title of the paper, full names of the authors, department and institution where the study was conducted, postal code, city, district, phone and/of fax number, e-mail address for contacting the first author and full postal address for correspondence.
Abstract (on a distinct page) precede the body text.
Original articles should have the following structure:
1. Aims;
2. Patients and methods;
3. Results,
4. Conclusions.
The purpose of presentation, peculiarities of the case and ranking of the issues approached within the general knowledge of the respective condition should be underline in abstract. Three to five key words will be for every paper from Index Medicus and these words will be inserted after the abstract. Papers published in English language will have attached a translation of the abstract in Romanian language.
Introduction should define the topic of the paper and should present the stage of the current knowledge in the field.
The Patients and methods section describe the group of patients studied, the methodology, the equipment, and the statistic analysis methodology.
The Results section should concisely present the data obtained, preferably in tables and diagrams.
The Discussions section should include interpretation of own results, from the perspective of relevant data in the literature.
Conclusions of the paper shall be clearly stated in the end.
References include the works quoted in the text, according to their occurrence in the text, inserted between square brackets []. Titles of medical journals should be abbreviated according to the Index Medicus. All authors will be quoted for an article, if they are up to six. Over seven authors only the first three will be quoted, and their names will be followed by the “et al” indication. The following format should be used for listed references:
Article: Schmitd WA, Schmitd H, Schincke B, et al. Standard reference values for musculoskeletal ultrasonography. Ann Rheum Dis 2004;63:988-994
Article in electronic form: Drayer DE, Koffler D. Factors in the emergence of infectious diseases. Emerg Infect Dis 2008;1. Available from: URL:
Book: Wilson KJ, Waugh A. Anatomy and physiology in health and illness. 3th Edition, Churchill Livingstone 1996
Book chapter: Ptasznik R. Sonography of the shoulder. In: van Holsbeek MT, Introcaso JH (eds) Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, 2nd Edition, Mosby, 2001, 463-516

Sending manuscripts for publication
Manuscripts should be delivered to the Clujul Medical journal editorial office to the following e-mail address: In the title of the message should be write the word “manuscript” followed by the type of the paper (original article, case report, letter to the editor) and the name and surname of the first author. The editorial office will send a confirmation e-mail to the correspondence address.
For mailing the manuscripts (a CD and 2 copies of the text, figures, and tables) the authors will use the following address: 33 Motilor street, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania.
For the papers not invited by the editorial board and accepted for publications there is a publication fee yearly decided by the board of the University. This year it is 25 Euro to be paid by check or money order to Mrs. Dorina Sorcoi to the address of the publisher.
Publication fee for foreign authors, to be paid if the paper is accepted after peer-review: 50 Euro.

For 2012: 25 Euro to be paid by check or money order to Mrs. Dorina Sorcoi, to the adress of the publisher.